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Why Pummel?

September 16th, 2016

Why is the pummeling drill a basic?  Because, in my opinion, it is a basic standup wrestling drill.  While we aren’t a wrestling specific style, we are generalist martial artists and the ability to take someone down is a solid martial skill to study.  Therefore, we should have some basic takedown skills – like the pummeling drill.

The drill gets at two ideas that set up a lot of takedowns – the undertook and taking your partner’s balance.  The underhook is when your arm is under your partner’s arm.  Taking your partner’s balance (in pummeling specifically) means hitting them with your shoulder and getting their weight to go back on their heels.

To show how the drill can lead to a takedown, I included a few clips of us practicing oummeling drill to the front body lock.  You’ll notice how when we practice the takedown we’ve got double under hooks – both arms under our partner’s arms.  While it isn’t a required position to take someone down, it makes it a lot easier to compromise their structure (by bending their spine back).

Monday Night

September 13th, 2016

image Monday night classes are now taught by Jaydra. What does that mean? It means the same great Mo Duk Pai classes with a different teacher. The beauty of having more than one instructor at a school is even when they teach the same content, their delivery is always slghtly different. Maybe you connect with one teacher, maybe with another – It doesn’t matter to us (as a school) who you connect with – it matters to us IF you connect.
Come try out the Monday night classes – 7PM and 8PM. See if Jaydra’s teaching gives you a different outlook on your training (and also gives you a workout and gets you smiling.)

To Gi or not to Gi

September 7th, 2016

It’s a basic question.  Should you wear the pajamas when you wrestle or should you not?

Depends on your goals.  If you’re interested in self defense, you should do both.  Most of the time, attackers will be wearing clothes that you can grab on to and use for leverage.  The Gi simulates this.  Sometimes, attackers might be shirtless or wearing tight fitting clothes.  No Gi will simulate this.  Do both and you’ve covered a fairly decent range of situations.

If you want to fight MMA professionally, you should probably only do No Gi.  If you want to compete in Gi tournaments only, I guess it makes sense to only train Gi.  For most of us with more general goals, though, it makes sense to enjoy the variety.

Justin’s Wednesday night class is No Gi every 1st Wednesday of the month!  Come and play.

One Spot Left!

August 12th, 2016

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - APRIL 25: Lasha Shavdatuashvili of Georgia (blue) avoideds an attack by Kamal Khan-Magomedov of Russia and going on to win the u66kgs final at the Budapest European Championships held at the Papp Laszlo Sports Hall, on April 25, 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. The event takes place from the 25-28. (David Finch/Getty Images)

There is only one spot left in our upcoming Judo seminar!  9 one hour classes taught by the awesome people from Portland Judo.

Click on the events tab and get it while it’s hot!

The Next 10 Weeks

July 30th, 2016

In the past, we’ve worked 2 month blocks in CrossFit.  This has meant focusing on one lift and one gymnastic movement and seeing if we can improve on both in 8 weeks.  The measuring has been simple: do a 1rm for the lift and as many consecutive reps as possible for the gymnastic movement then at the end of the 8 weeks, retest.

This time, we will change things slightly.

First off, the block will be 10 weeks long.  This will allow us to do 8 weeks of work while still having a whole week at the beginning and end to insure everyone gets a chance to test.

Second, I will write up a weekly task on Monday.  If you’re there on Monday, do it then.  If you’re not, do it whenever you come in that week.  If you miss a week, don’t double up.  I’ll try and ask everyone if they’ve done the weekly task but I’m sure I’ll need some help with that.

Third, there will be some higher rep sets than people might be used to.  Don’t sweat it.  It’s an experiment.  If our numbers get better, it worked.  If they don’t, then we’ll try something else.  I call it science.

The moves for the next 10 weeks?  Deadlift and handstand.  Let’s do it!