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A System Standard

November 24th, 2015

Coming down the pipeline for 2016: a system wide standard for the kids requirements!  I’m sure not too many people are as excited as I am about this but it will be nice when all three of the schools are on the same page with the basics of what we teach the kids.

The standard, we hope, will encourage creativity, not stifle it!

3,2,1… Sparkle!

November 23rd, 2015

imageCan you see the sparkle?  Can you find the two PRs on the zoomed whiteboard photo?  We should be getting heaping piles of these as we are retesting our front squats this week.  Why are we retesting?  Because at the start of October we tested our front squats and now, after doing lots of front squat work, we are retesting.

How much should you expect to go up?  Have a coach watch you as you get into the heavier weights.  They will have a decent idea of how much more weight you can put on the bar.

When should you retest?  This week!  Don’t worry if you don’t see it written on the board.  Do it.  Get it done.  Find the number.

What if you didn’t test your front squat earlier?  Then do it now!  Collect data.

Everybody got the mission?  Front squat!  Alright people, let’s sparkle!

Saturday Kids Class

November 22nd, 2015

Let’s take a moment to give a shout out to Dug, yet another awesome instructor here at WAKF.
Dug Martell runs the Saturday kid’s classes at WAKF, both the regular class and the sparring class. He also does teaches outreach martial arts classes at the Portland French school. He has been training at the school since our opening day in 2009 and currently holds the rank of green sash.
Dug loves it when students get brave enough to show up to sparring class and is thrilled whenever a student scores a point on him.

A Story

November 19th, 2015

Sometimes it makes sense to zero in and practice the details of something.  Other times it is helpful to see the bigger picture of how one move can lead into another.

Lately in our BJJ classes, we’ve been taking the bigger picture approach – stringing a series of techniques together to make a story of sorts.  This can help students see how to transition from one submission to another or from thinking defensively to offensively.  It can also leave people lost and confused because of how much ground gets covered in the telling of the story.

Hope you enjoy today’s tale – it includes two chokes, a guard pass and a transition from side control to mount.  What more could you want in a story, really?


November 17th, 2015

We tackled one of the CrossFit benchmarks today – Elizabeth.  It is a couplet of cleans and ring dips.  One of the challenges of the workout is to keep good clean form because if you get sloppy with your cleans and use your arms, your ring dips will suffer badly.

The advice I offer for this one: keep the bar close.  If you start swinging that barbell away from you, your shoulders will light on fire and your dips will cease to exist.  It is worth setting the bar down if you feel your form falling apart (okay, maybe not on like the last 2 or 3 reps) and taking the rest.  Muscling your way through and saving a few seconds only means paying a higher price in the end.

If you did the workout today, record your results!  This one will come up again and if you have an old score, you’ll have something to try and beat.