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Layer upon Layer

November 18th, 2014

It has been at least a few days (on the blog, anyway) since I’ve talked about the amazing technique returns I’ve gotten from keeping the weights on my Olympic weight super low (53 pounds). So yeah, it has been amazing.

First, I noticed that the power position really works… if you actually open your hips. Then I noticed that looking forward (instead of down) was actually functional (not just something to say to other people). And it goes on from there.

The point is that when the weight is light enough, you can still focus, process and notice when technique matters. I highly recommend sometimes (or for maybe 3 months straight), going light.

Bart Simpson
Part 1: Barbell Technique
High hang snatch
Hang snatch
Part 2: Mobility
2/2 minutes posterior shoulder smash and floss
2/2 minutes lat foam roll
Part 3: Conditioning (20 min cap)
4 rounds for time
5 strict handstand push ups
10 kipping handstand push ups
5 thrusters (135/95)
5 strict pull ups
10 strict pull ups

Check the whiteboard for numbers.

Sword Form

November 18th, 2014

Those who have read the fine print on the requirement lists might have noticed that there is a sword form is listed for the kid’s rank of green through brown. Even though we don’t have any kids of that rank, we probably will one day and I should probably practice teaching the form at some point before that happens.

So here it is: part one of the Willow Leaf Chinese Broadsword form. As you might expect, swinging around a sword is super fun.

Once a Week?

November 17th, 2014

Hey coach. How many times a week should we do these barbell complex things? How many ever you want. I’ll be throwing them into the mix once a week for the next couple months.

If you haven’t done one yet, prepare yourself for a canoe full of excitement, a sailboat full of joy and a raft covered in bliss – ALL AT ONCE.

Part 1: Barbell Complex
With 15 minutes on the clock do 4 sets of
4 hang squat cleans
4 split jerks
8 back squats
Go as heavy as possible
Part 2: Mobility work
2/2 minutes bully stretch
2/2 minutes lacrosse ball pec smash
Part 3: Conditioning
For time:
Run 500m
50/50 split jumps
Run 500m
50 squats
Run 500m

Check the whiteboard for numbers.

Theme of the Week: Combinations

November 17th, 2014

Learning the basic stick drills is, at first, a bit mind boggling. You have to think about each individual move. You have to remember where to put the stick that isn’t currently engaged with your partner’s stick. You have to remember how to set up for the next move.

It’s a lot to remember. It can cause great frustration at first. However, after a few sessions of working on the drills, they become rote and flow easily. The combination aspect disappears and it becomes just doing a single action.

We tried to restore the combination feel to the drill “single sinawali” tonight in weapons class by adding some new wrinkles. We went low to the ground. We dropped sticks on purpose. We juggled sticks back and forth.

The process is to make things slightly more complicated so that what was easy before (the regular drill) becomes even easier and what is hard now (the new wrinkles) becomes easier. Ever onward.

Keep Reading

November 16th, 2014

What does archery have to do with Kung fu? Everything. Anything. This book is a collection of notes from a well known (in archery circles, anyway) Japanese archery instructor. The notes are, unsurprisingly, about how to be a better archer.

Equally as unsurprising is that most of the notes are directly applicable to Kung fu. There’s tons of references to breathing from your belly, relaxing, moving from your center… things we talk about constantly in class.

It’s nice to know that there are many principles that apply across all styles of martial arts. It’s also nice to hear these principles voiced from an entirely different perspective. Great short and easy read.