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Cut Though

January 23rd, 2015

Ever break someone’s guard to find that their knees and elbows are still in your way and you can’t establish side control? Annoying, right?

The problem for beginners is they often only try and get through those frames using only their arms. Sometimes that works but with better grapplers, you have to use your knees and your torso to cut through too.

Watch the above video and practice your three knives – elbows, torso and knees.

Theme of the Week: Tumbling

January 21st, 2015

Falling and rolling are probably the most directly applicable skills you will learn in martial arts. You will fall, trip and tumble hundreds of times in your lift outside the training floor. If you have clocked some time on the training floor drilling your falls and rolls, you will be less likely to incur an injury when you wipe out. In fact, you may even be less likely to fall if you practice your tumbling.

So this week, we will spend more time than usual investigating the tumbling requirements for both kids and adult classes.

Not surprisingly, we will also work throws and grappling a little bit more than usual too – because they both dovetail nicely into tumbling.

The Big Deal

January 20th, 2015

Are you moving? Well then you should probably be generating that movement from your center – your hips. The more you generate that movement from the center, the more you can rely on your big muscles and get away from relying on your small muscles.

That’s the general manifesto of movement.

The specifics of the clean are: move from your hips. But don’t just move… explode. Explode so your arms and back can ride the wave of power that comes from an explosive hip movement.

Live the dream… move from your center.

And Now It’s Even Heavier

January 16th, 2015

Alright. We’ve seen you lift the heavy weights in the EMOM. We know you can do it… now show you can do it under the pressure of a metcon.

One helpful thought in this regard: take your time. Focus on technique, not “going for it”. While it is true that going for it works sometimes, good technique is far more reliable.

Opportunity Sought

January 14th, 2015

There are some pretty common entry strikes in tournament sparring – backfist, reverse punch, jab, roundhouse kick and side kick. There are lots more, to be sure, but the above five come up frequently.

If this is true, wouldn’t it be nice to have an answer to each of these entry strikes? Tuesday night in sparring class, we tried coming up with some answers and then drilling those answers.

We have to be aware and careful, keeping in mind that people might enter with a hook or a crescent kick or whatever but this is no different from most aspects of the martial arts where we try and examine the most likely possibilities and begin designing our strategies from there.