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Lessons from the Open

March 30th, 2015

Here’s what I took away from the open this year, broken down into things I’m going to adjust for programming wise, equipment wise and personally.

Programming wise, there needs to be more rowing. I barely ever put it into what we do. Obviously, this makes us not improve much… because we never do it. Easy solution: do it more. With only three rowers it is a little tricky but I think I can figure it out. Suggestions are welcome.

Equipment wise, we definitely need another set of outdoor rings. In my ideal world, we’d also get some metal roofing for outside so that we could practice wall balls, rope climbs and muscle ups even if it is raining.

Personally, I’ve got a solid bar muscle up… now I need a ring muscle up. If experience is any guide, daily practice for about 6 months should do the trick.

What did other folks take away from the open this year?

Throwing Knives

March 28th, 2015

Practical? Probably not. Fun? Yes.

In June and July, on Monday nights during weapons class, we’ll be throwing knives and axes. Because we can.

Wednesday nights will be staff form – or sword form for those of you who have finished with the staff.

There will be signups for non-WAKF students who are interested in taking one or both of these classes. I’ll keep you updated.

Next Story?

March 27th, 2015

I’m going to miss telling you guys the story of the Illiad. Heck. I’m going to miss being part of the Illiad. Carrying Hector’s body around Troy… uh… I mean carrying the med ball around the block just felt like the right kind of petty vengeance that I needed.

So March’s theme was the Illiad. What is next month’s theme? Some recommendations have been: pop stars, famous storms, famous poems… and probably some more. I forget. If you’ve got a good one or a few bad ones, post them in the comments.

So Much Guard

March 24th, 2015

Watch the (admittedly) small sample of our free rolling from Sunday and you will see just how often guard position crops up. (I’ll give you a hint: lots.)

To be a competent BJJ player you need to know what to do from both top and bottom guard position. However, it is often best to bite off only one of these tasks at a time: figure out what to do on the bottom or figure out what to do on the top. Once you’ve got some basic competency, you’ll need to make sure you keep improving BOTH those aspects of your game… Otherwise you will inevitably end up in the position you aren’t as good at and get smashed.

So it goes. Happy guarding.

A Fistfull of PRs

March 24th, 2015

A month and a half ago, we tested our strict handstand push ups and our deadlifts. To be more specific, we saw how many strict handstand push ups we could do in a row and what our 1rm deadlift was. Today we re-tested to see if we had improved.

I saw at least 6 people break their old scores today. Probably more and I just lost count. How did this happen? Unsurprisingly, I inserted a bunch of handstand work and deadlifts in the workouts over the last 8 weeks. Those two moves were in heavy rotation. We did all the other standard CrossFit moves, of course – just with a slight lean toward deadlifts and handstands.

The next two months will have a new focus. Two new moves. Care to guess what they will be?