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February 25th, 2015

The bar comes up and you move your torso back. Why? So the bar can go straight up. So you get maximum extension. So your coach thinks you are awesome.

Layback. Shrug. Hip extension. Whatever cue makes you do the dance correctly, use it.

Theme of the Week: Tournament Feedback

February 24th, 2015

Here’s a cycle I’ll never get tired of: testing our skill sets and then based on the results, figuring out ways to further sharpen our skill sets.

The tournament was a blast. All this week we will focus on lessons learned from the competition.

Watch the two video clips and see what information you can gather.


February 19th, 2015

In some forms, the breath is anchored to the technique: you exhale when you strike. In other forms, the breath is mobile: you breath in and out fluidly regardless of the technique happening in the form.

And sometimes, your teacher asks you to see how far you can get through a form with only one breath because… well what do you get out of it? Try it and see.

The Answer

February 19th, 2015

Lifting from power position is pretty much the answer to everything. Want a better understanding of timing? Lift from the power position. Want to get rid of bending your arms early? Lift from the power position? Want more friends? Lift from the power position.

Maybe not more friends but power position is also awesome for teaching students how to get tons of hip extension. We call it layback because when done properly the student is leaning back as the bar flies by.

Work from power position. Add weight. Do it until you realize that pulling with your arms is silly and instead hip explosion and getting under the bar is key.

Theme of the Week: Mobility vs. Grounding

February 17th, 2015

We took a couple of weeks off from having a theme.  I felt like I needed some space as a teacher to just go wherever I wanted to each class without having to concern myself with fitting into a theme.

This week we return to themes with that frustrating question: how can you both be mobile and hit hard?  One answer is to worry about these things seperately.  You can concern yourself with staying mobile and work that for a while then switch gears and work on hitting hard.  My experience with working this way is that it is easier to pick one idea and work that rather than trying to work two seemingly opposing ideas at the same time.

So this week, expect to work on being mobile and work on hitting from a good grounded position.  Don’t sweat doing both things at the same time but if it happens, savor it.