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Theme of the Week: Do Work

July 21st, 2014

Kung fu is hard work over time. Literally. That’s the definition.

This week, let’s do work. Let’s keep it fun. Let’s keep. Our curiosity alive and ask good questions. Let’s keep our creativity brewing and keep pushing at the margins of our capacity. Let’s keep it about learning and moving forward but let’s focus on getting the work done.

How do we do this? Easy. Line up, listen to directions and do the work. If you feel your focus waver, if you feel doubt creep in, breathe, relax and do the best that you can.


July 20th, 2014

I’ve convinced myself that there are at least 2 good reasons to partner up during benchmark workouts and have one partner go while the other judges and then switch roles.

Reason number one is to give students the opportunity to see someone else move. This allows the chance to offer coaching cues, cheerlead and no rep their partner. It is not always obvious to students but watching others and helping others is valuable to your own training. Everything that you see and correct, make sure you turn it around on yourself and check and see if you make the mistakes that you see your partner making.

Reason number two is that the benchmark workouts are supposed to be all out efforts. We typically do skill work, strength work and then a Metcon. Cutting things down to two pieces of work from three hopefully allows students to give a little bit more to the effort.

Undoubtedly there are more good reasons. Go ahead, tell me what they are.

Part 1: Barbell Gymnastics
EMOM 8 minutes, alternate A and B every minute
A: high hang snatch
B: snatch
Part 2: Benchmark: “Helen”
3 rounds for time
Run 400m
21 Kb swings (24/16kg)
12 pull ups

Check the whiteboard for numbers. Update the leaderboard with your new score.


July 20th, 2014

Half guard is, for some of us, a desperate position. We hang on when we are on the bottom, squeeze with all our might and hope that our partner doesn’t pass to side control or mount. When we are in top half guard, it still smells of desperation as we try to shake our leg out from our partner’s grasp, like a cat with tin foil on its paws.

Hopefully the pass we learned today will give people a less panicked outlook on being caught in half guard top. Watch the video above to reduce your terror regarding being stuck in half guard bottom position.


July 19th, 2014

An obvious lesson for me today in the Metcon: when I’m only used to lifting a particular weight for single reps, I’m not very good at performing multiple reps. Shocking, right?

My conclusion from this obvious revelation: let’s do that more often.

Cheers to heavier Metcon weights.

Obligingly Obvious
Part 1: Strength
X=90% of your 1rm back squat
5 reps at 75%
3 reps at 85%
1+ rep at 95%
Part 2: Metcon
3 rounds for time
5 cleans (185/135)
25 hands off the deck push ups
1 lap overhead lunges (45/35)

Check the whiteboard for numbers.


July 19th, 2014

What is the difference between morals and ethics?

This question crops up occasionally so I thought I’d define both ethics and morals then let folks sort out the difference for themselves.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy dedicated to systematically understanding the moral value of actions. It is the attempt to understand what makes an action right or wrong and also the attempt to understand what justifies and creates our values of right and wrong.

Morality can be a code of conduct that dictates behavior as well as the definition of right and wrong. It can also be used to mean the rightness or wrongness of a specific act.

So what’s the difference and why is our art called martial ethics method and not martial moral method?