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Sway Back Away

August 24th, 2014

When you’ve got limited shoulder mobility and you’ve got to stick something over your head one of the ways to compensate is to arch your back.

Don’t do it! It’s a trap that will trash your back – particularly if those objects you are balancing above your head are heavy barbells.

So what should you do? Work your shoulder mobility every day and be patient with the heavy stuff. Better to nail down good structure slowly over time than post big numbers in the short term and end up blowing out your back.

Stealing Dave’s Workouts
Part 1: Barbell Gymnastics
2 squat clean thrusters
Part 2: Metcon
6 min AMRAP
1 lap overhead lunges with med ball (20/14)
15 Turkish sit ups with med ball (20/14)
4 min rest (in which you must run 500m)
6 min AMRAP
1 lap of tire flips with a partner
100 hug five burpees with a partner
Finish by running 500m

Check the whiteboard for numbers.

Foot Sweeps

August 24th, 2014

Getting a foot sweep to work on a fully resisting opponent is a major victory. It is hard to set up, hard to execute and hard to finish. This doesn’t make it an invalid technique. In fact, I think it makes it all the more fun. If you manage to put someone on the ground with a foot sweep, it is a good day.

In sport grappling, we’ve got to do more than just put them on the ground, we’ve got to follow up and get good position. Sadly, when you sweep someone out, they often recover and get their legs up and turned toward you. While you aren’t on the ground and in their guard, you do have that old familiar problem of getting past their legs.

Our solution today was to grip the pants, swing the legs out of the way and then take side control. From their, life should be happy and full of beautiful submissions for the taking.

Building a Wheelhouse

August 23rd, 2014

The theory is that if you do CrowsFit, you’ll get better at all the movements in CrossFit because we cycle through all those movements.

The truth is that most of us need to do extra work to shore up our weaknesses or we are reduced to tears every time a particular movement appears in a workout. This is old news.

Equally important as working on what you are bad at is acknowledging what you are good at. Learning all these movements and pushing yourself physically can be crushing to the ego. Give yourself and others credit for what you are good at. Its nice to have a wheelhouse and even to be proud of that wheelhouse.

Part 1: Skill work
Alternate 8
A: L pull ups
b: double unders
Part 2: Benchmark workout
5 rounds for time
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 chest to overhead anyhows
Barbell = 155/105

Check the whiteboard for numbers.

Spins are Pivots

August 20th, 2014

Spinning techniques are often scoffed at as “too fancy” or “too showy”. This may be true from a practical self defense standpoint. Perhaps that jump spinning hook kick isn’t the wisest idea when one is beset upon by a gang of miscreants.

Let’s accept the argument: spin techniques are less than useless for self defense. Not only will they fail, but attempting to use a spinning technique will put you in a worse position.

I’d still like to argue that learning spin techniques, in a style that touts itself as centered on practical self defense, is useful.

I think they are useful because they a require a level of coordination that well exceeds what you need to throw non-spinning techniques. I think that if someone can throw a good spinning side kick, they probably have a really solid side kick. I’d like to argue further that developing that spinning side kick improves the power, balance and accuracy of their standard side kick.

So even though a spinning side kick might not be a valid self defense technique, I think that the martial artist who develops a strong spinning kick will fair better using their kicks in a self defense situation than that same martial artist who did not practice their spinning side kick.

Of course there might be more effective ways to building a better self defense oriented martial artist than working on spinning strikes. That point is arguable. As far as our art goes, I feel like spinning strikes are a small slice of the pie but one that can not be neglected and one that some students relish (and some despise).

As far as my personal belief around the efficacy of spin moves in self defense, it seems unlikely but not impossible.

Difficulty Level

August 20th, 2014